Monday, May 23, 2011

It's On baby! (Dollar Menu Challenge: The Nuggets)

Next Article is under way. I fortunately had enough time to get something to eat before the Cable guy got here.

Expect the next article in about 30 minutes while I set it up!

While you're waiting, I have to commend Burger King! They now offer their BK Single Stacker, a delectable beefy and bacony goodness, for $1! []

I am likely to revisit the test in the first article, after I whittle down the current exams!

New post soon!


  1. one dollar for a burger? omg!! :o

  2. a buck for a burger how can you go wrong?

  3. I think I'm gonna go to burger king tomorrow before *followed

  4. Thank you everyone. Check out the new blog entry!