Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Fast Food June: Mission Accomplished

I couldn't bring myself to write any in depth articles during the last half of the month. They would have been very boring. I would rather have no traffic, than traffic who was bored with my month of No Fast Food.

But, I must say, on the Thirtieth day of June in the year of two thousand and eleven, I am proud to say that my mission is accomplished! One month without purchasing fast food is over today.

I will celebrate by going to Pike Place Market in Seattle, and order fast food.

One of my biggest problems with having no fast food this month: It's nearly impossible in this day an age for young (or geriatric?) professionals who are not home, to avoid fast food. Not all of your time is available to eat food cooked. And not all time and effort can be afforded to fix two or three meals in a day to be taken to be eaten.

Fast Food is an excellent and cheaper solution in today's world. The days of "Bring a lunchbox" are mere reminders of Elementary School where mom insisted she pack your lunch.

If I recall, my home-made lunches, despite their "healthy" illusion, were always bland and unsatisfying. You always wanted that Pizza the kid across the table had. Or the Happy Meal the Special Needs kids always got to have from McDonald's.

Damn those children! I wanted a burger and nuggets and fries! Not a lame potato salad sandwich and a Tupperware container full of mixed veggies. Lame. Even the PB&J sandwiches were often undesired and unpalletable once the bread got soggy enough later in the day.

Those traumatizing and unappetizing days of home-packed lunches were a constant reminder of my restraints this month. Sure, I could go out and buy a burger from McDonalds... or I could stay home and fix a large meal with twice to three times the calories, fat, sodium, what have you, that has nowhere near the vitamin and mineral content of the McDonalds Burger.

But I love fast food too much to not eat it.

Do I feel healthier after a month without it? Not really. I don't feel any different really. One can consume fast food and still be healthy. It's the moderation that most typical American's have a problem with.

So; I'm starting today off with a bang! Fast Food!

Either Saturday or Sunday, I'm aiming to start my challenges again for the Value Menu, and hopefully I'll get some good food this time around.

Well, that's it! I'm back from my two week Hiatus.

See you later today!

- Joe the Foodie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15: No Fast Food June

Holy crap, has it been two weeks already?

Alright, I did have someone buy me fast food once, but that was it. I figured in a cheat day just to keep myself sane.

I haven't really had withdrawals. I've been eating fruits and veggies and lean meats at home. I'm pretty fortunate to have the ability to be home for dinner.

Drinking a lot of water/gatorade as well.

We haven't purchased Soda or anything like that for quite some time. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Well, that's it for the update on my no fast food month. Halfway done already.

July I'm totally eating Fast Food though, just very sparse in my consumption.

-Joe the Healthier Foodie

Friday, June 10, 2011

Healthy US Coupons: Quiznos!

Quizno's has had some of the best Sub's I've ever had from a sub place.

Quizno's is a fast growing highly gourmet Sub Sandwich franchise that has had some interesting marketing over the years.

Today, I've gathered a few coupons I'm sure you would appreciate!

It's a large PNG, just be sure to click it and print it. Good until the 10th of July in the US Only!

Also, here's the very first commercial I heard and saw for Quizno's:


Sponge Monkeys.... So weird.
-Joe the Sponge Monkey Foodie

UK Fast Food: a MAJOR coupon!

Alright; so through my research today, I have found that the United Kingdom has some extremely boring and sparse fast food locations. Sure sure, you have McDonalds but those of you who are in the Greater London Metropolitan area would probably benefit more than those living in North Ireland, North England and Scotland.

So; here you are for Fankie & Benny's at 20% off of your regular order!

It's a PDF so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat and just print it off and fill it out! The voucher and or coupon (whatever you want to call it) is good until June 30th.

Help me out guys! You international readers have to know of some close-by Fast Food restaurants near you! I may be able to help you out and look for some coupons!

My research skills are strong.

Any requests would be appreciated! Leave them in the comments!


200 Followers! Achievement Unlocked!

Yeaaaahh! 200 followers, and I will celebrate by reviewing some whitecastle frozen sliders later today.

As per requests for fast food coupons in other countries, I need my international viewers to give me suggestions of where you want coupons from. Major chains please for my non USA and Canadian residents.


-Joe the Foodie

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nearing 200 Followers!

193 as of right now!

So here's a bunch of Coupons from Carl's Jr. to print off and take!

I'm not sure if these will work at Hardee's as well. They might. Give them a try!

Click on them to get the larger printable size!

Thanks for your support everyone!

-Joe the POPULAR Foodie

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6: No Fast Food June


At least, I haven't purchased any fast food this month. I did eat myself a small (Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese) burger from McDonald's this afternoon. But that was because someone else bought it for me. Hey, they offered. It would've been rude to not take their offer. :P

But on that note; I swam 30 laps at the pool, and had a splash war that lasted about an hour with my girlfriend and nephew. My triceps are in paaaiiiinnn!

In a few days I get my waterproof phone the Casio G'Z'One Brigade, pictured left. They're indestructible devices built to Milspec. Just gotta get myself some waterproof headphones and I'll chill in the pool while all the kiddies splash around and listen to some music.

Unfortunately, I'm making an appointment to go to the doctor to see about a hernia I have. So if they tell me I need surgery, I won't be able to do much activity this summer.

But that means, I get to spend more time with you guys writing about the intricacies of Fast Food!

Also, I didn't know that Burger King was known as "Hungry Jack's" in Australia! How quaint!

Do you still have the King as the mascot, or some guy named "Jack"?

Comment, let me know!

-Joe the Aquatic Foodie

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fast Food Mascots: Big Three

Thought I should update with a sneak peek at my tribute to my three favorite big chains! Jack in the Box, Burger King and McDonalds.

Giving these guys a bit of a twist in artwork this time around! Added some muscle to the guys.

Also, Ronalds makeup is kind of scary if you think about it. Sharp pointed mascara beneath his eyes is actually sort of intimidating.

-Joe the Foodie

Day 4: No Fast Food June

Over half a week and I've done quite well so far! Absolutely no fast food. And I mean NONE.

I did have a sub sandwich on the 31st from Subway, but I made sure it was super healthy. My girlfriend ended up getting the Veggie Sub while I got the Roasted Chicken Ranch sub.

We ordered a combo but that was just fine... I didn't eat my chips, but willfully downed the sub.

My chicken wasn't cooked thoroughly and was a little rubbery in the center. I got a receipt just in case I got food poisoning again.

I did leave a complaint on their website so hopefully subway gets back to me with their opinion. I'll post the results if and when they do.

Alright, today I am going to the pool. I've got a pinched nerve in my back and the doc said a swim might help to alleviate my pain.

In the meantime, I've got the 5 computers in my house running BitCoin... I've got a mini-farm going. It's pretty nice. I have nearly 10GHz, 14 Cores, 3 GPU's being thrown at this thing. But that's not for this blog.

My next article will feature some Fast Food related Illustrations I've been working on. I don't know if it will be today, but hopefully soon!

I'm off to the pool. Today's gonna be warm in Seattle so I'm pretty ecstatic!

-Joe the Hopefully I don't get Sunburned Foodie

P.S.: July I'm totally eating fast food to drive more content for the blog. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip up to Five Guys and give a good review of their place.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Slider King? Krystal versus Whitecastle

Whitecastle Top, Krystal Bottom.

Alright, seriously. These look the exact, effing same. Matter of fact, the taste is nearly identical from having tried both.

Krystal and White Castle have claimed their respective territories. Krystal dominating the Southern States like a good Dixie General; and White Castle winning the popular Yankee Northern States.

The two however, meet up on the battlegrounds of Tennessee and Kentucky.

The only sad part is, my home is missing out on Fresh Sliders. There aren't any White Castle or Krystal locations on the West Coast. Sure, White Castle was extremely smart when they decided they could market these to places where their franchise locations haven't planted foundations; and mass produce frozen sliders.

I can buy these scrumptious, flavorful and mouth watering creations anywhere in the continental US. And I can even have them shipped, cold to my door from Amazon. Crazy isn't it?

If you haven't tried these Sliders, and don't live near a White Castle or Krystal, please take a minute and buy some of these burgers from the right. I promise you, that you will not be disappointed.

If only Krystal would get on the ball and get their sliders frozen and shipped to me. I would do a proper comparison.

Trivia!: They call them sliders due to the bowel movements that happen after consuming them. Gross, eh?

With that being said; I will purchase and consume the White Castle Frozen Sliders this afternoon. Hopefully, these won't break my "No Fast Food June" streak.

Your opinions?

-Joe the Foodie