Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 15: No Fast Food June

Holy crap, has it been two weeks already?

Alright, I did have someone buy me fast food once, but that was it. I figured in a cheat day just to keep myself sane.

I haven't really had withdrawals. I've been eating fruits and veggies and lean meats at home. I'm pretty fortunate to have the ability to be home for dinner.

Drinking a lot of water/gatorade as well.

We haven't purchased Soda or anything like that for quite some time. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Well, that's it for the update on my no fast food month. Halfway done already.

July I'm totally eating Fast Food though, just very sparse in my consumption.

-Joe the Healthier Foodie


  1. I admire you for trying this. I myself have been trying to eat healthier. Way to go !

  2. I have been doing this but not intentionally zomg I am so boss

  3. Keep it up!
    Always remember:
    All of us are here to support you.

  4. Your body says thanks. Stay strong for 16 more days man

  5. I can only stand a few days without greasy food and soda. Congratulations!