Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Fast Food June: Mission Accomplished

I couldn't bring myself to write any in depth articles during the last half of the month. They would have been very boring. I would rather have no traffic, than traffic who was bored with my month of No Fast Food.

But, I must say, on the Thirtieth day of June in the year of two thousand and eleven, I am proud to say that my mission is accomplished! One month without purchasing fast food is over today.

I will celebrate by going to Pike Place Market in Seattle, and order fast food.

One of my biggest problems with having no fast food this month: It's nearly impossible in this day an age for young (or geriatric?) professionals who are not home, to avoid fast food. Not all of your time is available to eat food cooked. And not all time and effort can be afforded to fix two or three meals in a day to be taken to be eaten.

Fast Food is an excellent and cheaper solution in today's world. The days of "Bring a lunchbox" are mere reminders of Elementary School where mom insisted she pack your lunch.

If I recall, my home-made lunches, despite their "healthy" illusion, were always bland and unsatisfying. You always wanted that Pizza the kid across the table had. Or the Happy Meal the Special Needs kids always got to have from McDonald's.

Damn those children! I wanted a burger and nuggets and fries! Not a lame potato salad sandwich and a Tupperware container full of mixed veggies. Lame. Even the PB&J sandwiches were often undesired and unpalletable once the bread got soggy enough later in the day.

Those traumatizing and unappetizing days of home-packed lunches were a constant reminder of my restraints this month. Sure, I could go out and buy a burger from McDonalds... or I could stay home and fix a large meal with twice to three times the calories, fat, sodium, what have you, that has nowhere near the vitamin and mineral content of the McDonalds Burger.

But I love fast food too much to not eat it.

Do I feel healthier after a month without it? Not really. I don't feel any different really. One can consume fast food and still be healthy. It's the moderation that most typical American's have a problem with.

So; I'm starting today off with a bang! Fast Food!

Either Saturday or Sunday, I'm aiming to start my challenges again for the Value Menu, and hopefully I'll get some good food this time around.

Well, that's it! I'm back from my two week Hiatus.

See you later today!

- Joe the Foodie


  1. Congratulations! What's the first thing you got now that you have been abstaining for so long?

  2. I don't know about YOUR old lunch boxs from elementary school but mine were always awesome.

    And yes, what was your first meal after the month long stretch?