Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dollar Menu Challenge: The Double (...or not)

The dollar menu... the wetnurse of the college student world! Those of use on a budget often find solace in it. McDonalds offered the McDouble, and the world melted in it's hands. A good, filling and tasty treat for the low price of $1.

Last year, Burger King introduced it's Buck Double. A quarter pound monster that overshadowed the McDouble by a long shot. It tasted of charbroil and was loaded with cheese and a sesame seed bun. That turned into a regular Double Cheeseburger once the Buck Double promo ended sometime this spring. Thus, the extra slice of cheese on the Double Cheese brought the price up to $1.49. Still, a contender.

I went into this test with high hopes for Burger King, as I would finally eat both burgers side by side. Something I haven't ever done.

I must say, I came out of this thou thoroughly disappointed.

McDonalds McDouble VS Burger King Buck Double (Er... Double Cheeseburger... I mean; the Cheeseburger)

Sent my lady out to get the burgers while I prepared my blog for this article...

She returns with the scrumptious food. I hadn't eaten since early this morning, so I was hankering to dig in.

But the words from my girlfriend were grave....

"Burger King didn't have a double cheeseburger for less than $2.00."

She settled for a $0.99 Cheeseburger. BLASPHEMY!

I was worried I wouldn't be able to do this test properly

But I figured, why not do a "what you get for the price" comparison.

Obviously, Burger King would be the loser in this aspect. A giant failure in value-for-the-money. They were doing so well with their Buck Doubles. And it hurt when they added an extra slice of cheese. Now, they are charging $2 for a Double Cheeseburger! Gouging I say!

But, I wouldn't judge them solely on the value for the money... aesthetics, taste and quality would surely speak volumes about the King! They always have tasted better than McDonalds by far!

First up: Aesthetics. This includes everything from general appearance of the food; build and packing.

Okay. Honestly? McDonalds... People drive when they eat nowadays. You expect me to open this burger and have ketchup ooze out like the floodgates just opened in Louisiana?! I am extremely upset that you feel the need to make your soggy creation any soggier with a gallon of ketchup. Your bun looks like it has been dehydrated several times over. A wrinkled mess. And, I am demanding you put a disclaimer on your burgers from here on out that says "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED". I had to put the bun and top patty back on.

Burger King; your aesthetics are amazing. Even your dinky little Cheeseburger looks better and more filling than the McDouble. It was put together nicely as well! Cheese and Patty are clearly visible. So, this round goes to Burger King's expensive cheeseburger.

I now move on to taste! The best part. I finally get to satiate my palate with these burgers!

As I sink my teeth into the McDouble, I'm reminded of why I enjoy them! The onion, cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles make a great combination of flavors. My mouth salivated greatly as I chewed. I even forgive the sogginess of the bun and the ketchup running down my chin. Three bites in, and I was already halfway done. I quickly set the burger down as to not pollute my taste buds for the upcoming Burger King flavorfest.

I was feeling perturbed still about the fact my long-awaited Double Cheeseburger from Burger King was non-existent for $1.00.

With that being said, I dug into the Cheeseburger. First bite: All Pickle. The pickle was thicker and more noticeable than the burger patty. What the heck? I gave it a few more bites before deciding to put it down. I can't believe I struggled to get half-way to this tiny thing. Sure, it had a hint of charbroil, and the sesame seed bun gave it an interesting texture. It wasn't soggy at all. The bun was toasted perfectly. But just the general lack of meaty substance left me unsatisfied.

On to quality now. Quality is a conglomeration of Value, Aesthetics and Taste. I finished off the McDouble and enjoyed the heck out of it. The flavor was what I expected of McDonalds. The aesthetics have been pretty consistent of McD's. Also; the value has been UNCHANGED for a few years now; and I am fairly happy with it. As are millions of other people who enjoy hamburgers to this day.

Burger King; I went in for a Buck Double. Got diverted to a more expensive and much cheesier Double Cheeseburger. Then was denied even this when your price increased and your one Cheeseburger became the new replacement. How dare you betray me like this! Betray your loyal customers! I even gave you a second chance, hoping the flavor of your burger would be much better than the McDouble. You would have won, if I could have tasted your tiny and thin burger amid your Hockey Puck of a pickle.

Take a look at the size of the patty to the bun. The ratio is way off kilter. I mean, there's even more cheese than burger. It's almost disgusting.

But I do give you props for having a better looking burger that I didn't have to immediately reassemble or put on a poncho to eat. Good job.

But that doesn't make up for the fact I couldn't justify finishing your burger. My baby chihuahua would have to suffer through it.

Clearly; the winner is the McDouble. It's fortitude and unchanging demeanor in the value, taste and quality leave me knowing I can expect the same thing from any McDonald's location. They will continue to receive my business and hopefully, will receive yours too.

Burger King; I hope you learn your lesson. Don't try robbing your customers by increasing your prices 200%. I'm ashamed to have been rooting for you this whole time. Burger King, our relationship is on ice. You better be on your P's and Q's for the next round!

Next article will showcase the Chicken Nuggets from both restaurants. I'll even add a nutritional comparison test to the next one, like I had planned for this week. However, due to an unforeseen back stabbing by Burger King, I had to cancel that test.

Thanks for reading!

-Joe the (Ticked Off) Foodie


  1. Jeeeze that just kinda made my day.

  2. haha BK
    i'm a vegetarian and from time when everything is closed late at night, i'll find a BK and get their Veggie burger.....ironically it's one of their less expensive meals

  3. I always enjoy reading reviews written by the most passionate of consumers. Personally, I disagree with you, but you made quite a case. ::applause::

  4. @Manuel; I also noticed this during my girlfriend Vegetarian stint. My combo meal was more expensive than her foo-foo boca burger. Oh well. Savings are excellent!

    And thanks, Nino for your honesty! :P

  5. Great review, I really enjoyed reading it

  6. McDonalds FTW! its so bad but tastes so good and is so cheap

  7. Yes! Nearly 500 calories, tons of fat and cholesterol. Yet I enjoy every bit of it. The only thing that could make it better would be a bunch of bacon.

  8. Great review man! I do enjoy the McDoubles. Those things are so good for a dollar. I really liked how you took pictures of each burger...haha. I would have to agree with your resolution there as well.

  9. I haven't had fast food in a while, but those burgers are taunting me. Good thing McD's is open late!

  10. Thanks for the comments fellows! I am still disappointed in Burger King. They should redeem themselves tomorrow when I get the McNuggets.