Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fast Food Games? Fast food Games.

Alright, every single individual I have probably met in my life, has a social networking homepage. My girlfriend, my neighbors, my brothers, my mom and even my dad has one.

I have to be really careful about what I type on my Facebook, or else I end up getting backlash from my loved ones. I know this from experience.

However, in today's entry, (and why it relates to Facebook), is a game called Diner Dash from Big Fish Games.

Diner Dash is a fast-paced, Fast Food type of game that puts you in the shoes of a server! Start out small, working tables and making orders to go. Serve them up and make your customers happy! Your business will grow the happier you become!

This game is akin to Farmville, in the fact that it's simple graphics and low-learning curve gameplay make it extremely addicting.

Please! Download the game! I implore you! It's amazingly fun.

And the character you play as is getting added to my Cartoon Crush list! Yes, I'm a total nerd!

They have a free trial on there as well for an hour of full gameplay. So if you like the game, and you want more, you can download it!

There are sequels to the game as well, adding different elements to the gameplay and showcasing Big Fish Games amazing style!

Click on the pics to go to their game page! Seriously guys! Play it! It's amazing!

-Joe the Obsessed with Diner Dash Foodie

*this posting was originally just going to review the game, but the folks at Big Fish Games gave me affiliate status, so this may end up being sponsored by Big Fish Games when I make some revenue off of them. :D


  1. lol cartoon crush list - I totally have one of those too

  2. I might need to give this a download!

  3. Diner Dash is ridiculously fun. I used to play that in junior high all the time. And it's still fun.

  4. I haven't played this game in a while. I've been so busy obsessively rolling Katamari and hitting imaginary Wii balls. I'll give it a shot! (again. ^^;)

  5. Fuck, this is addicting! not something else i need now, haha.

  6. There were these girls I used to work with that played this game every god damned day.

  7. My sis plays this game all day haha

  8. Downloading it now, thanks for sharing.

  9. YES! My friend had this on her ipad and I played it all day.

  10. the best way is to eat fast food and play it at the same time :D

  11. I played this for a bit, but then became obsessed with sally's spa and gold rush 2

  12. I don't like farmville, so I don't think I'll like this either.

    although it does look kind of fun!