Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 1: No Fast Food

Ugh... dysentery. Fast food... moves quickly through your system.

So it finally caught up to me. A week of fast food has kicked my ass. Spent my waking hours on the john. I'm glad I am not consuming any more fast food for a while. Also gave Soda a kick. Coffee and teas are alright though. They will be my liquid treat.

I did some cardio today while we had some sun. My injured knee was on fire. It cooled down after I rested for a few minutes.

Going back out after dinner to do some tire lifting. My brother has some spare tires that are pretty hefty. They will make for good exercise tools.

Hopefully my bowels don't give me any more trouble today.

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-Joe the poopy Foodie


  1. Gotta love makeshift weights. Props to you, kicking soda will certainly help you with weight and you will over all feel better.

    The only thing with tea, as far as I know, in terms of health hazard is the build up in your teeth, but this can be solved by flossing daily.

  2. Note; never had a cavity. I have ungodly thick enamel.

  3. fast food sucks but we eat it more and more :>

  4. i think after 1 year you will be super healthy like an aboriginie