Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jack in the Box Snafu (Part 2)

Part 2 of the the Snafu at Jack.

So a couple days later I miss a phone call from an 855 number. I thought it was a telemarketer so I didn't answer. Turned out to be Jack in the Box Corporate Customer Relations.

Oh snap son! Corporate peeps callin' lil ol Foodie Blogger Joe?

This wouldn't be the first time; I can eerily get under their skin when I'm displeased with my food.

So; they left me a very careful voice mail wanting to urgently speak to me. They didn't leave specifics just in case I gave them bad info.

Well, I got busy that day and didn't call them back. Fortunately, they called me back a day later. I answered when I immediately recognized the number. Boop. Some very apologetic gentleman named (Alex I think he said) went over some things with me. I explained the situation and my order as well as what I found.

He was surprised to hear that I kept that bone fragment (I didn't get a picture of it like a dummy) and requested that I send it off to their labs for testing. I told him it could've been plastic just to set him on edge; but I knew it was bone.

"Well sir, we are going to send you a fedex overnighted package with a seal-able bag and return label so that you can send us the package. We are also going to send you a Corporate Apology letter as well as several free food vouchers for our value menu items. Is that acceptable?"

No, I wanted one million dollars. But I caved. "Yeah! Sounds great!"


The next day (yesterday) I ended up getting the package. Inside was a letter and a "seal-able" plastic baggie. I sealed away the bone fragment in a ziplog as I didn't trust the bag they sent me to keep the 2mm bone fragment from escaping, and then I securely put that baggie in the provided one.

Sealed it up and put the return label on. Fed ex picked the package up today.

So, here are the contents of the letter to show that this is legit and some fabricated thing: 

The Writing at the bottom is in fact just my Fed Ex Pick-up ticket number and pick-up time. This also has my return label receipt that I kept.

I brightened this in photoshop so you could read it better. I also blurred out my address because of creepy stalkers. While I trust anonymous to leave little ol' me alone; I love you guys and respect you guys enough that I know better. I may set up a P.O. Box soon so you can send me all the dirty pictures and threats of bodily harm at that time.

With that being said; I sent it off and am now awaiting the second part of the delivery promise, which would be that corporate apology letter and free food vouchers. Once I get those, I'll start on Jack in the Box Snafu (Part 3) at that time.

Let me know what you think of this experience so far in the comments! If I get more than 3 vouchers, I'll give one lucky US Viewer one of them. Thanks!

-Joe the Forensic Evidence Collector Foodie

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