Thursday, May 17, 2012

In-n-Out review!

Terribly sorry for the lack of new info! I fell into a lengthy food coma after that gigantic 4x3 from In-n-Out Burger.

So; what I ended up getting what a 4x3 (Secret Menu Item) from In-n-Out without tomato. I'll let the record show that if it has tomato on the sandwich, I'll usually always order it without. Sometimes I get a hair up my butt and I'll want to om nom something with Tomato on it; but those are rare occasions and usually don't involve handled foods like sandwiches.

I also ordered Animal Fries (Another secret menu item) as you can see up top.

My fiance got the standard Double Double and regular fries.

Let me just say; holy crap. "Quality you can taste" is an understatement. It's fantastic! I finished my burger... which I can't believe I did. The cheese was melty. The bun was soft but toasted. The meat was cooked and wasn't horribly greasy but still drippy enough I opted for a napkin afterwards.

Even though I hit the food wall; I powered through it and the fries. And then some of my ladies fries as well.

To down it I had Dr. Pepper; my drink of choice. Liz got a medium drink. Side-by-side comparison below.

I haven't eaten at In-n-Out since; but it's been more a factor of me trying to lose weight... Or else I would have indeed returned twenty times since eating.

5.5/5 In-n-Out! You may have Five Guys beat. But we'll do a head-to-head if they ever get that Reno Five Guys opened soon.

-Joe the In-n-Out Zealot Foodie

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