Friday, May 18, 2012

Dave's Back from the Dead!

Okay, Wendy's is getting pretty freaking good. Not only do they have a hot redheaded babe in their commercials now; they are totally getting it right when it comes to burgers.

No more thin pieces of grease meat now.

Check this sucker out:

That right there is Dave's 3/4lb Triple burger. And OH. MY. GOD! It's so amazing it rivals Five Guys, In-n-Out and sit-down gourmet burger places like TGIF, BJ's, Red Robin, etc...

Once again; no freaking tomato on this puppy (It comes with tomato). It didn't need the extra slop. This burger was juicy and drippy enough on it's own.

The burger doesn't look delicious to your standard consumerist from the image I took. But let me say this; any genuine foodie would look at this burger and salivate. Amazing.

Catch ya next time!

-Joe the Redhead Loving Foodie

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