Friday, June 8, 2012

Not So Fast Food: Little Caesar's Hot'n'Ready

Attention Small Julius; every time I seem to go in for your Hot'n'Ready pizzas, I wait in excess of 10-15 minutes. This isn't just an event at one location... not even a in the same city or state.

So here we go; I'm hungry. You claim to have Hot'n'Ready Pepperoni, Cheese and Crazy Bread. So I could just walk in and order, get my food and bounce. Seems easy enough.

Nope. Hasn't happened once. In several locations between the Seattle Metro area and Reno I might add. Now; I don't ever really go when I'd expect you to be busy like on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday... or April 20th for the Munchied out stoners. So; while I temporarily revoke your Fast Food status, I will hold out hopes that you can have these prefab pizzas next time I wish to indulge in quick, greasy, filling pies.

Sincerely yours,
-Joe the Impatient Foodie

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