Monday, April 2, 2012

KFC, BK and Pot(pies)

Today I grabbed some KFC. I've finally conceded that KFC chicken strips have gotten much shorter and smaller.

This is so they can use the same ingredients to make the snackers. I won't fault them there.

Their Mac and cheese is still amazing. I could eat buckets of the stuff.

BKs Chefs Choice Burger is an honest attempt at bringing their hamburgers to par with sit down restaurants like Applebee's and Red Robin. The bun is pretty good but overly filling. The sauce they use is a nice compliment but leaves the burger much to be desired on customization. It is the chefs choice after all.

My final note; The Chicken Pot Pies from KFC are every bit as sleazy as that 70s commercial implies. The chicken used is old, stale and essentially recycled from chicken that would have gone discarded at the end of the day. Its garbage in a foil cup with some raunchy bread over top. DO NOT EAT.  Well. That's all folks!

-Joe the Foodie

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