Monday, August 22, 2011

BK Menu Shakedown!

BK has been coming out with some new items for their menu lately, so here's a quick BK menu shakedown and review!

Here's how the shakedown will work, I'll list a few items from BK's menu that I've tried this month, followed by a short review of them. Here we go!

  • BK Mini's (Chicken)
    • Bland
    • Pickle and Mayo Toppings
    • Cheap chicken
    • Patties were stuck together
    • Have to pull them apart.
  • BK Mini's (Hamburger)
    • Not Bland
    • Pickle and some sort of sauce
    • Would've been amazing with cheese!
    • Patties were charbroiled angus
    • Highly flavorful
    • Buns were chewy.
  • BK Original Chicken Sandwich
    • Is much smaller than normal
    • Tasted roughly the same
    • Is seriously 3/4 the length of what I'm used to
    • I'm still sickened by the shrinkage
  • BK Single Stacker
    • Tastes just like a double stacker
    • Too much bread for the meat
    • Too much sauce for the meat
    • Double Stacker is almost worth the dollar more.
  • BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich
    • Hard and caramelized English Muffin
    • Weird Egg
    • Sausage was normal
    • Good value
  • BK Hashbrowns
    • Freaking great!
    • Always tell them I'll wait for the next batch!
    • Sometimes they taste a little soapy if they've been sitting around for a while
  • BK Double Crissoin'wich
    • Filling
    • Perfect Blend of Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Croissant and Cheese
    • Customizable!
    • High Calorie, High Sodium, But the perfect breakfast!

Well, that's all I have for today. Next entry will be a special investigation on the shrinking of the Original Chicken Sandwich!

- Joe the BK'd out Foodie

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